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What can you get from joining SmartCAMPUS?

Cooperation with leading companies

By joining the SmartCAMPUS project, you will be able to cooperate with leading SMART technology companies.

Meet modern technologies

We will let you participate in the development and testing of new unique systems and technologies.

Participation in new teams

You will get to know new people and try out interdisciplinary collaboration.

Try to integrate heterogeneous systems

Integration of different systems and technologies into one functional unit.

Develop your own ideas and projects

You can also join SmartCAMPUS to help building it and filling its vision.

Interconnection of projects and lectures

You can meet SMART technology issues in lectures.

Selection of a bachelor or diploma thesis

Together with a supervisor, you can customize your bachelor or diploma thesis.

Professional internships

You can complete professional internships in collaborating companies.

We are preparing a competition for students:
What do you think of as "SmartCAMPUS"?



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This website was created within the project "Pilsen - the City of Technical Education", which was carried out with the financial support of the statutory city of Pilsen.
Author of the concept: Ing. Jaroslav Freisleben, Ph.D., project initiator: Ing. et Ing. Petr Kašpar, Ph.D.