About the SmartCAMPUS UWB project

The idea of the SmartCAMPUS project is a scaled model of the city, a living testbed, allowing for testing the cutting-edge smart and IoT technologies in a reduced scale to thoroughly test "pre-pilot" operation for final deployment to larger units, such as cities, regions etc. From the point of view of the modern communication networks for the Internet of things, the university campus is covered by its own LoRaWAN network and also uses the Sigfox commercial network. SmartCAMPUS is thus an ideal place for testing your IoT and smart technologies. We are ready to provide you with our infrastructure and help implement your solution into our SmartCAMPUS. Of course, we also offer professional training and consultations in IoT and Smart City.

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What can you get from joining SmartCAMPUS?

New mutual projects

Cooperating with SmartCAMPUS will open doors to new projects.

Creation of new teams (university, city, companies)

Interdisciplinarity between entities.

Exchange of experience

We will share with you the experience from implemented projects.

Dynamic environment of a "live lab"

Validation of deployed technology in the campus microsystem prior to a sharp operation.


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This website was created within the project "Pilsen - the City of Technical Education", which was carried out with the financial support of the statutory city of Pilsen.
Author of the concept: Ing. Jaroslav Freisleben, Ph.D., project initiator: Ing. et Ing. Petr Kašpar, Ph.D.